A New Approach

Traditionally, health care providers have focused on what's the matter with patients, zeroing in on diseases and ailments. TVHS is shifting this focus, starting a conversation about what matters most to Veterans. We want to start by getting to know you, putting you at the center of your health care.

Introducing Whole Health

Health and Well-Being

Whole Health is focused on you. Every person is different, and every person's goals are unique. Whole Health coaches are trained to help you determine your priorities and set personal goals.

Meeting with a coach is simple. Just fill out this Health Care Inventory form and ask your primary care provider to assign you a Whole Health coach.

Contact Us

There are several ways to find out more.

Attend an information session.

Hosted Tuesdays and Fridays at our York and Nashville campuses.

Meet with a Whole Health Partner.

Fill out the Health Care Inventory and email it to us.

Ask your Primary Care Provider.

Ask your doctor how Whole Health can help you live a better life.